Robert ”Bobby” Louis Drake was conceived was conceived in Floral Park, Long Island, New York into Jewish-Catholic family. His folks are William Drake and Madeline Drake.

He was continually shuddering and one day his freak forces showed when he incidentally solidified whole pool. Bobby and his folks were exceptionally reasonable and cautious , if Bobby’s mystery would uncover he would have been in risk. After his sixteenth birthday celebration together with his better half Judy Harmon , Robert was assaulted by menace named Rocky Beasely and his group. Robert had no way out and utilized his cryokinetic forces to solidify assailants. Individuals caught wind of it and began to execute Robert with lynch horde. Nearby Sheriff ceased lynch and set Bobby in prison cell for his own security. Xavier was educated and entrusted Cyclops to protect Bobby. Cyclops offered Bobby to tail him however Drake declined it and two freak began to battle each other until crowds arrived. Xavier ventured in and psionically expelled recollections of individuals close by with Robert’s folks and companions. After this occasions Bobby said goodbye to his folks and began X-Men.

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