John Stewart

John Stewart, fourth duke of Atholl, (passed on April 24/25, 1579, Kincardine Castle, close Auchterarder, Perthshire, Scot.), Roman Catholic Scottish honorable, at some point supporter of Mary, Queen of Scots.

The child of John Stewart, the third Earl of Atholl in the Stewart line (whom he prevailing in 1542), Atholl was especially trusted by Mary Stuart; be that as it may, after the homicide of Mary’s significant other Lord Darnley in 1567, he joined the Protestant rulers against her and, on her abandonment, was incorporated into the official’s gathering for her young child James VI. Be that as it may, he was again upholding her motivation by 1569. He neglected to anticipate the Earl of Morton’s arrangement to the rule in 1572 however succeeded, with the Earl of Argyll, in driving him from office in March 1578, when James broke up the rule and Atholl was named ruler chancellor. Morton, in any case, recaptured his guardianship of James two months after the fact. Atholl and Argyll, who were looking for help from Spain, at that point progressed to Stirling with a power of around 7,000 men, whereupon a trade off was organized, the three barons being altogether incorporated into the legislature.

After a feast hung on April 20, 1579, to commend the compromise, Atholl turned out to be all of a sudden sick, and his demise on April 24 or 25 may have been brought about by toxic substance. On the demise in 1595 of his child John, fifth Earl of Atholl, the earldom in default of male beneficiaries returned to the crown.

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