Mr. Fantastic

Reed Richards was conceived in Central City, California and the child of Nathaniel and Evelyn Richards. Reed’s dad was a splendid logical virtuoso and a quality that Reed acquired. Reed exceeded expectations in science, material science, and mechanics and was selected school by the age of 14. He went to various schools including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Columbia University, and Empire State University. While going to EMU he met and turned into a flat mate of Ben Grimm. They ended up extraordinary companions and Reed shared his fantasy of structure a spaceship himself.

After EMU, Reed kept on going to class at Columbia University, and he leased a condo from Sue Storm’s Aunt. Sue rapidly went gaga for Reed. Reed, likewise met Victor Von Doom, while going to Columbia University. Fate adored that Reed could equal his astuteness. In the long run Doom wound up envious of Reed and started directing careless tests that scarred his face.

Reed next selected at Harvard and earned his P.H.D. in material science and a dominance in mechanical, aviation and electrical designing, science and all degrees of human and outsider science by the age of 22. After he was finished with school he utilized his legacy and government subsidizing to fund his task. He started assembling his spaceship in Central City. Sue Storm would move to this equivalent zone and in the end ended up dating Reed once more. Reed would approach Ben to guide the ship for him. The legislature denied the trip into space so Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny chose to sneak onto the ship and they brought the ship into space. Reed misjudged and overlooked the anomaly of the radiation from the astronomical radiation. The beams annihilated the ship and they crash-arrived back on earth. After the accident Reed discovered that he could extend his body like flexible freely. Reed embraces the name Mr. Fantastic and persuades them four to utilize their forces for good.

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