Brought up in the region of New York City known as Hell’s Kitchen around 1920, Nicholas Joseph “Nick” Fury was around 20 years of age when he was drafted into the United States Army to battle the Nazi’s in World War II. He soon florished in the rangs of the U.S. Armed force and progressed toward becoming sergeant. During this time, Nick was solicited to lead a handpicked squad from profoundly prepared officers. This squad would before long become known as the renowned Howling Commandos. Sergeant Fury and the Howling Commandos battled through quite a bit of World War II, with missions in France, Greece, Belgium, Holland and even inside Nazi Germany itself. The group likewise experienced and battled close by a couple of America’s superheroes, for example, Captain America and the Invaders. Nick even met Logan, the individual whom would later be known as the X-man Wolverine.

Nick Fury figured out how to get the majority of his teammembers back alive after every single mission. Nonetheless, Nick himself was harmed by a projectile toward the finish of the war. This projectile was the reason for the eye damage that in the end cost him the vision in his left eye. Fury started covering the eye with a corrective bruised eye-fix, which ended up one of his trademarks after the war. It was additionally right now that he and most other Howling Commandos started their yearly infusions of the Infinity Formula, a concoction they discovered during the war. Infusions with this synthetic incredibly moderated their maturing proces.

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