Kurt Wagner is the result of a relationship between two freaks, both with roots that have never completely been clarified. His mom was the psychological oppressor Mystique, who at the time was the spouse of Baron Christian Wagner, accepted to be the dad of Nightcrawler for quite a while. In truth, his dad is the Neyaphem warlord, Azazel, who had an extraordinary ground breaking strategy to impregnate earth ladies with his kids so he could get away from the brimstone measurement.

At the point when Nightcrawler was conceived, the townsfolk were appalled by Mystique’ child’s wicked appearance thus she tossed him into a waterway, shape-moved into another structure and afterward guaranteed that she had slaughtered the child and the mother. Azazel would not enable his child to pass on, so he spared him and offered him to one of his different sweethearts (and hireling) Margali Szardos to raise. Margali advises an alternate story to shroud reality and says that Nightcrawler was found by her when she was strolling by his home. She found his dad, Eric Wagner, had kicked the bucket of a heart assault outside and discovered his mom lying alongside him dead. Margali took him in and raised him alongside her genuine youngsters Stefan and Jimaine (later known as Amanda Sefton) at the Bavarian bazaar. She filled in as a seer to shroud reality about her witchcraft. Kurt had astounding dexterity and soon his freak capacities would show. Due to these blessings, he did trapeze artist appears for the carnival group of spectators, while individuals expected it was a man in an ensemble.

At the point when a mogul carnival proprietor from Texas moved toward them join his bazaar, he wanted to move the carnival to America and requested that Kurt be in the oddity appear. Kurt was shocked at this, so he quit the bazaar and made a beeline for Winzeldorf, Germany. He lands there to find that his sibling Stefan went crazy and had been killing kids. Kurt fights him, planning to stop the monstrosity, however incidentally murders Stefan by breaking his neck. He attempted to educate Margali regarding her child however she was not at the bazaar at the time. The fortuitous event is that, as kids, Stefan had made Kurt vow to slaughter him if at any point he took an honest life. Thusly, the locals thought Kurt was the evil presence that executed the kids.

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