Rachel Grey

Rachel Summers is the girl of Scott Summers and Jean Gray, Cyclops and Phoenix, on Earth-811. Her world separated from the normal course of events when Senator Robert Kelly was killed by the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. In her reality, this occasion caused the freak/human relations to raise to the point that an enemy of freak competitor won the following presidential race.

He set forth the enactment that brought the monster freak chasing robots known as the Sentinels. The objective was to wipe out all freaks. The Sentinels adjusted and chose the most ideal approach to do as such was to assume control over North America. They didn’t stop with just freaks. A few super-fueled people were additionally slaughtered or detained. At the point when Rachel was a kid, the X-Men’s base, Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, was assaulted. Rachel was the main survivor. Rendered oblivious because of Xavier’s demise Rachel was taken, tormented and indoctrinated by Ahab into utilizing her psionic forces to turn into a freak “dog” with her face inked to check her for all time. As a dog Rachel was entrusted with finding and notwithstanding murdering different freaks without wanting to.

After some time Rachel inevitably broke free from her dog programming and attacked her handler – Ahab. Accordingly Rachel was sent to a Mutant Containment Facility where she discovered other enduring X-Men just as becoming hopelessly enamored with Franklin Richards who restored her emotions. In an arrangement to end the bad dream that was their reality, Rachel utilized her psionic forces to switch the mind of the X-Man, Kate Pryde with that of her more youthful self. Kate ended up in the body of a youthful Kitty Pryde who was still new to the X-Men. Together they forestalled the death of Senator Kelly.

Shockingly, history couldn’t be changed. As opposed to exchanging minds with her more youthful self Kate was really sent into an alternate reality. Accordingly despite the fact that the death was ceased the Sentinels still administered their reality and sought after them tirelessly until everybody was murdered however Kate and Rachel. Inquisitive over why there was no progressions to the course of events Rachel went back in her astral structure and was found by Phoenix. Intrigued the Phoenix sent a bit of itself alongside Rachel back to Rachel’s course of events. After returning Kate met with the Phoenix, when Rachel wasn’t cognizant, and struck an arrangement. Along these lines Kate entranced Rachel to utilize her forces to take advantage of the Phoenix Force when she articulated a specific code word. In the end Kate constrained Rachel to go back in time when the two were caught in the research center of Project Nimrod, the following advancement in Sentinels, in endeavor to counterfeit Rachel’s passing. Tragically Rachel was trailed by Nimrod and got herself, not from quite a while ago, however that of the standard reality. With time Rachel was at long last ready to deal with her circumstance and found a home with the X-Men of this world.

After catching wind of the passing of Jean Gray, Rachel chose to assume the mantle of Phoenix with expectations of demonstrating her mom’s innocence after the devastation the Phoenix Force had caused while in the appearance of Jean. She finds a precious stone with the psychological engraving of her “mom” and remembers the most permanent recollections of Jean. Through encountering what a lady her mom was in this time she feels sure that she can continue with the great her mom had achieved before getting to be tied with the Phoenix Force. Rachel was a useful yet some of the time untrustworthy colleague who was driven generally by her feelings and apparitions of her past. In an early mission, she, Wolverine, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler and Rogue were sent to spare Banshee from James Proudstar who might later be known as Warpath. At the point when given the assignment to find Banshee with her clairvoyant forces, Rachel can’t deal with this utilization of her capacity as she invested such a great amount of energy as a Hound in her time. She freezes and turns into a risk to the group.

Set for Asgard, she demonstrates her value and certainty as an individual from the group, wearing an outfit taking after the Phoenix which was an issue for Cyclops. Rachel is at long last pushed as far as possible when focused by the External, Selene. When doing fight with Selene, Rachel picks up the high ground and is going to execute her when Wolverine ventures in an about lethally harms his partner. His goal was to spare her from accomplishing something that would frequent her however he almost slaughtered her all the while. She keeps running off and despite the fact that the X-Men search, particularly her closest companion Kitty Pryde, they can locate no indication of her anyplace.

Rachel was next found as a detainee of Mojo and Spiral, compelled to perform for the general population of Mojoworld. She is safeguarded by her previous colleagues Nightcrawler and Shadowcat and are later joined by British Superheroes Captain Britain and Meggan to frame Excalibur. During her residency with this group she made her mark as a certain lady and is every now and again indicated fighting off advances from men all around England, a lot to the embarrassment of her partner Shadowcat. Rachel was an immense advantage for the group and fought with a few powers, for example, the Technet and Sat-yr-9. The group wandered through numerous experiences through time and even wound up turning into a piece of history in World War II.

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