Zatara and Zatanna, father-and-girl comic strip superheroes who showed up in an assortment of DC Comics distributions. The two characters were cultivated stage illusionists who additionally had imposing mystical forces.

As made by essayist and craftsman Fred Guardineer, Zatara was unmistakably motivated by Mandrake the Magician, the star of a long-running paper strip drawn by Lee Falk. Like Mandrake, Zatara was a phase performer who wore the customary ensemble of top cap and tails. Zatara’s principle recognizing trademark, in any case, was his trademark strategy for throwing spells by articulating words in reverse. The character appeared in real life Comics no. 1 (June 1938), an issue that is otherwise called the main appearance of Superman. Zatara was included on a couple of Action Comics covers before Superman was plainly settled as the book’s star, and Zatara kept on showing up consistently in both Action Comics and World’s Finest through the 1940s.

Essayist Gardner Fox and craftsman Murphy Anderson presented Zatara’s girl, Zatanna, in Hawkman no. 4 (November 1964) with the reason that Zatara had bafflingly vanished and that Zatanna had set out on a journey to discover him. Like her dad, Zatanna was a phase mystical performer who had genuine enchantment powers, which she excessively used by talking words in reverse. She wore a minor departure from her dad’s outfit of top cap and tails, substituting fishnet tights for pants. Zatanna’s proceeding with mission drove her to show up in Detective Comics before she at last discovered her dad in Justice League of America no. 51 (February 1967).

In the wake of showing up with the Justice League, Zatanna at last joined the group in 1978. Zatanna wore ensembles that all the more firmly fit the superhero form before continuing her famous top cap and tails. Zatara relinquished his life to spare Zatanna in Swamp Thing no. 50 (July 1986), in spite of the fact that his apparition showed up. In the 21st century Zatanna assumed a noteworthy job in DC’s Identity Crisis (2004–05) hybrid occasion arrangement just as Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers of Victory (2005–06). Zatanna’s cousin, Zachary Zatara, likewise has enchantment powers and functions as a phase entertainer as the new Zatara. He appeared in Teen Titans volume 3 no. 34 (May 2006) and was quickly an individual from that group. In September 2011 Zatanna turned into an individual from the title group of the new arrangement Justice League Dark.

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