James Rupert Rhodes was conceived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He initially met Tony Stark while flying battle missions in Vietnam. Rhodes’ helicopter had been shot somewhere around Viet Cong rocket discharge, and keeping in mind that attempting to get the flying machine airborne once more, he experienced Stark in a massive model suit of fueled covering. Right then and there the Viet Cong assaulted, and Stark, in his suit, drove them off. Together, Rhodes and Stark advanced toward a close-by adversary base where they stole another helicopter, flying it back to the American lines.

After the finish of the Vietnam War, Stark, who had subtly turned into the superhero named Iron Man, extended to Rhodes an employment opportunity as his own pilot, and Rhodes before long ended up probably the nearest partner and compatriots just as Stark Industries’ main aeronautics official. Therefore, he had various experiences with his manager where his challenging and aptitudes were important resources. At the point when Tony backslid into his liquor addiction, James Rhodes assumed control over the Variable Threat Response Battle Suit (War Machine). James Rhodes took up the mantle of Iron Man for quite a while, and would come back to utilizing this suit.

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