Asterix, French Astérix, French animation character, a little statured, shrewd Gallic warrior who, with the assistance of a mystical quality elixir, safeguards his town and goes on comic globe-running experiences. Asterix was made by essayist René Goscinny and artist Albert Uderzo and appeared in 1959 in the French comic magazine Pilote.

Asterix is one of the most cherished characters in French mainstream culture. He dwells in a remote Gaulish town amidst the Roman Empire, as does his closest companion, Obelix. Having fallen into a tank of the elixir when he was a newborn child, Obelix is uncommonly solid. He is likewise rather ungainly and is the continuous (if accidental) wellspring of wounds and mishaps in the town. He isn’t permitted to drink the quality mixture for dread that it will make him significantly progressively ruinous, and his endeavors to sneak a draft are the wellspring of numerous comic accidents.

Asterix, Obelix, and their kindred locals consistently fight with Roman legionnaires, an action that the Gauls completely appreciate. Asterix’s experiences convey him to numerous regions, including Spain, Greece, Egypt, and (precolonial) America. Outside societies are depicted in comical generalization (just like the French); Asterix for the most part reacts to their weaknesses with flabbergasted skepticism. He definitely contributes something substantive to the way of life he visits, for example, achieving the Britons’ disclosure of tea and the Belgians’ making of French fries.

Goscinny and Uderzo started cooperating in 1951, making various comic book heroes who met with differing degrees of accomplishment. The 1959 presentation of Asterix was a prompt sensation, and the character rapidly turned into the focal point of the partners’ vocations. In 1977 Goscinny kicked the bucket all of a sudden at age 51, amidst the generation of Asterix’s 24th bound “collection.” Uderzo kept making new Asterix stories as both essayist and artist, however he kept Goscinny’s name on the front of every single resulting volume.

Notwithstanding in excess of 30 comic book collections, which have been converted into many dialects, Asterix has brought forth various no frills and vivified films, an immense range of product, and even a carnival, Parc Astérix, north of Paris.

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